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Individual classified ads (For Sale By Owner (FSBO) or For Rent By Owner (FRBO), without web pages/per unit/rental or sale) are $10 for 6 weeks for individual landlord ads/rentals (12 weeks for property for sale listings)! Pictures are an additional $15 per ad (total $25).

There's 4 easy steps to place an ad:

1. Please email me ( the ad and I'll add it to the system right away. Please be specific in your description and note the town it's in, price, date available, contact information and whether or not there is a broker's fee.

2. Let me know if you'd like to send it to the agencies so they can help you rent/sell it (no extra charge for this forwarding service, however some real estate companies may charge a fee for their service if you decide to use them. Always ask them in advance.) I never send the listing to the agencies unless specifically asked to do so.

3. Send $10 / $25 to:
Boston Apartments
25 Nelson Drive
Chestnut Hill, MA 02467

Pay now with PayPal

4. If the apartment is rented before the six weeks are out please make sure to let us know so that I may delete the ad from the system.

The content of your ad is your responsibility and assumes no liability for any ad submitted.

Advertising for Real Estate Agencies on this site is a flat $50 per month. This includes an agency web-site page with our free, personalized page construction/design including graphics, photographs and classified ads. Agency web pages are directly addressable and are custom designed to your specifications. We fax forward or email all the on-line client cards collected each day to all participating (and licensed) real estate agencies.

Boston Apartments Gold horizontal rule

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