Its a pretty safe bet that men started giving women flowers ever since we managed to figure out how to pick them with our opposable thumbs. Flowers are beautiful, plentiful, and come in all of the colors of the rainbow. Though theyre sometimes considered a bit clich, sending flowers has been a standby in romantic relationships since the dawn of time. Granted, some of this predisposition toward flower-giving is probably cultural; in every old movie and television show I can remember the husband or boyfriend always shows up with a bouquet of flowers when he knows hes done something wrong.

Nonetheless, flowers make up an aspect of adornment and decoration in almost every culture worldwide, so there must be something universally attractive about them.

If youve ever tried to purchase flowers from a florist, especially near Mothers Day or Valentines Day, youve realized something else: theyre expensive. Then again, perhaps the high price for some flowers is justified; have you ever tried to grow an orchid or a calla lily Its not easy. Theres always the option of swinging by the park or your

neighbors garden and helping yourself to whatever flowers are in season, but this does risk getting arrested or, at the very least, yelled at. Though obtaining flowers may be a bit tricky, its never been easier to send flowers. Telflora caught on to the idea early, allowing you to send flowers from anywhere in the U.S. with a phone number, and address, and a credit card. FTD followed quickly on their heels, and now most florists will send flowers for you if you can give them an address and usually payment for both the flowers and sometimes a delivery fee, which can run from nothing to ten dollars or more depending on the florist.

With the popularity of e-commerce its not surprising to know that most florists, especially larger chains, allow you to send flowers by ordering them online. This is particularly helpful if youre not quite sure what you want or you want a particular arrangement; you can see what youre ordering before you buy it instead of having your order explained to you over the phone. Complex, pre-made arrangements are also a lot easier to visualize and decide upon when you can see a photo of them on your computer screen. If the florist you want to order from doesnt have a website, then the sites from other florists can also give you an idea of what you want to order, even if in the end you make your order over the phone.