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APARTMENTMAN Bored "APARTMENT MAN" (TM) decides to leave the frantic pace of apartment hunters and take a leisurely stroll along the Charles River. Rounding the bend he hears a voice from the river. Trying to discover where the voice is coming from, APARTMENTMAN(TM) edges closer to the bank. Suddenly a naked wom__n appears before him riding a sea shell out of the foam of the Charles River. Realizing that this is either Venus or an out of uniform member of the Environmental Protection Agency, APARTMENTMAN (TM) meekly asks are you Venus Venus, what are you nuts. I work for the EPA. and my clothes just dissolved when I fell into the Charles River. Call my boss and tell him to bring me a new uniform. Stunned back to reality APARTMENTMAN calls the EPA on his APARTMENTMAN (TM) cell phone and flees to find a new apartment. DIMENSIONS/ DESCRIPTION OF APARTMENT: Here it is. You enter into this second floor apartment and are amazed by the size of your new humble abode. (Work with me on this) You enter into a foyer fit for Versailles. (That's someplace in France I recently read about.) The foyer measures 9 feet x 8 feet with recently refinished hardwood floors and 1 closet. (There are hardwood floors throughout the apartment) To the right of the foyer is the bathroom which measures 7 feet x 4.5 feet. As you turn your back to the windows which face the street, you look upon your culinary canvas. This is where you will create your Picasso-like pasta and your Rembrandt Risotto. (I can't believe I just wrote this. Copyright {2007-2010) James V Castelli James V Castelli 617-739-0747 email: Cat OK -


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