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APARTMENTMAN As APARTMENTMAN (TM) stands behind the counter of his new day job pouring latte's at Starbucks, he watches the television screen and the reports from the newsrooms around the world. Government spending is rampant. The US Senate is being confronted with a demand for $3,000,000,000. to cover the cost overruns for the "Latest Government Program". (Pick whichever one you like ) He hears the pleas of the government contractors that it is impossible to finish this job on time and for the budget originally submitted. Frustrated, APARTMENTMAN (TM) looks at his watch and realizes it is 8:02 AM. The parking meters have been operating for almost two minutes. Using all the skills sharpened through years of practice, APARTMENTMAN (TM) leaps over the counter in a single bound, dodges an airborne latte and sprints for his car. Arriving at his auto at 8:03 AM he sees the white piece of paper neatly tucked under his window wipers. In a flash he realizes the answer to the problem with government waste, cost overruns, and failure to finish government contracts on time. We must employ the most efficient, most time conscious members of the elite government employees to oversee all government operations-the metermaids! (Or if you prefer meterpersons) Satisfied with his discovery, he now returns to the ever present demands of apartment hunting in Boston. Here is what he finds. DIMENSIONS/ DESCRIPTION OF APARTMENT: See photos Copyright: James V Castelli {2003-2010} James V Castelli 617-739-0747 email: Cat OK -


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