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Price: $900 Available: Now.
STUDIO - 1 BATH Floor#: 3rd

APARTMENTMAN As APARTMENTMAN (TM) sits by his desk he is beset by boredom and decides to take a flight around Brookline. He recites the secret phrase that magically transforms him from Johnny Boring (TM) into that roof hopping hero of apartmentmaent hunters everywhere, APARTMENTMAN. (TM) ( The phrase is secret which is why I cannot divulge it in this ad. ) As he leaps out the window, preparing to hop among the clouds, he hears from above, look out. (This is an especially useful phrase to all those superheroes who regularly traverse the highways of the heavens.) However, the warning comes too late. APARTMENTMAN (TM) and another warrior of the rent wars tumble earthward. Landing in the recycling bin below (Since this is environmentally aware and sensitive Brookline the presence of a recycling bin should come as no surprise) Standing up amid the rubbish APARTMENTMAN is confronted with the craggy faced countenance of Ben Grimm. (Otherwise known to fans of the Fantastic Four as The Thing.) Stunned, APARTMENTMAN (TM) blurts out, You can' t fly. Thats why I fell on you moron, replys a slightly ruffled but otherwise resolute Ben Grimm. Well what were you doing up here I was coming to you to see about an apartment and as I was getting out of the Fantastic 4 Car I tripped. "Huh" comes the oratorical reply of our verbally challenged minion of the masses. I need a studio, at Coolidge corner Well guess what !! I happen to just have what you are looking for !! (Is this a coincidence or what ) DIMENSIONS/ DESCRIPTION OF APARTMENT See photos Copyright: James V Castelli {2003-2010} James V Castelli 617-739-0747 email: Cat OK -


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