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Price: $1,575 Available: Now.
1 BEDROOM - 1 BATH Floor#: 1st

APARTMENTMAN Sitting at his desk the ("A") phone rings. (That's APARTMENTMAN's phone in case you aren't familiar with super hero communication techniques) Picking it up he hears the music of"The Grateful Dead" and "PHISH" playing simultaneously in the background. Puzzled, he waits for the sound of a human voice. Over the phone comes the question, "Heh man, can you find me a one bedroom apartment in Brookline. "Excuse me", is the best that APARTMENTMAN can muster in response to the inquiry. "Dude, I'm looking for a one bedroom apartment for me, my old lady, and my kids, can you dig it." In a flash APARTMENTMAN realizes he is being confronted with the results of the Baby Boomer's having children. Was it all the LSD consumed during the 60's (which they tell their kids they never took), or was it just plain genetics. Why is it that the children of Grateul Dead fans of the 60's seem to end up at PHISH concerts. That is a mystery that will be solved in a further edition. For now here is the information about the apartment. Thanks for waiting. DIMENSIONS/ DESCRIPTION OF APARTMENT See photos Copyright: James V Castelli {2003-2010} James V Castelli 617-739-0747 email: Cat OK -


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