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Price: $1,050 Available: Now.
STUDIO - 1 BATH Floor#: 4th

APARTMENTMAN In need of a break from the frantic pace of city life in Boston JOHNNY BORING (TM), and his alter ego APARTMENTMAN,(TM) decide to seek solace in the sunny confines of the Caribbean. A week of sun, relaxation and scuba diving is what is needed to recover from the arctic onslaught of Boston's winter. He finds the perfect island getaway, books the flight, and next thing he knows he is boarding a dive boat searching for adventure among the denizens of the deep. Mask on, air on, weight belt on, BC firmly buckled up, JOHNNY BORING (TM) leaps into the deep blue sea hoping for a land where cell phones cannot ring, and car horns are a thing of the not too distant past. As he descends he sees in the distance what appears to be signs, balloons, and flashing lights on the edge of the reef. What can it possibly be Needing to investigate, our hero of the home seekers frantically kicks his feet to discover what has invaded his previously tranquil world. Slowly he approaches and the distant reef comes more clearly into focus. A few feet closer, and the haze of the water gives way to a crystal clarity that reveals the underwater undertakings of that most persistent of bipeds. Freezing motionless in the water, our scout of the seas sees an image that causes him to hyperventilate in terror. There, under the water, is a creature without pity. An animal that strikes fear in the hearts of the most heroic. As APARTMENTMAN (TM) begins to empty the air from his tank, his eyes rapidly focus on the balloons and signs directly ahead. A familiar sign reads "Welcome to the Cold Water Banker Open House." "We have ranch and colonial style reef space to fit your budget." We can help with financing, and also arrange reef inspections through our in house certified team of inspectors. You better act now while the space and air lasts! To the right of the sign is what he believed he had escaped. Smiling with a stream of bubbles flowing upward toward the surface, is a real estate agent in a wet suit, cell phone in place, underwater BMW parked by the curb of the reef. Panicking our hero of the homeless rockets to the surface where he is pulled from the water and immediately placed into a hyperbaric chamber where he can contentedly breathe pure oxygen and dream about the apartment you are about to discover. Here it is. DIMENSIONS/ DESCRIPTION OF APARTMENT: See photos Copyright: James V Castelli {2003-2010} James V Castelli 617-739-0747 email: Cat OK -


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