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APARTMENTMAN In need of a break from the frantic pace of city life in Boston JOHNNY BORING (TM), and his alter ego APARTMENTMAN, (TM) sit in a local cafe in Cambridge reading the story of the 300 Spartans at the battle of Thermopylae. (I can hear all the groans simultaneously being let out. What the heck do 300 dead Spartans have to do with the apartment I want to read about. Well actually nothing, but it is a pretty cool story and rumor has it that George Clooney bought the screeen rights to Steven Pressfield's book "Gates of Fire based on the battle. So, if you think George Clooney is alright that's reason enough. Actually the book isn't bad either just a little too romance novelish for me.) Anyhow, As JB (That's short for JOHNNY BORING TM), relaxes and settles into his chair, he imagines the sun heating the battlefield north of Athens. (That' s Athens Greece, not Athens, Georgia.) In any event, as his imagination begins to wander, our hero of the homeless pictures Leonidas, leader of the Spartans. Suddenly from behind the cappuccino machine steps a six foot tall man with a funny helmet and a spear in his hand. (If you are again shaking your head about the implausibility of this happening remember, this is Cambridge. Many people wander around Harvard Square dressed far more curiously than this although, I must admit, the spear in hand might be a little unusual in granola land.) "Do you know where is the nearest Filene's basement " comes the words from the helmeted visitor from antiquity. "Huh", answers our perplexed hunter of homes. "I need to find Filene's basement " Who are you stammers JB " I am Leonidas, leader of the Spartans, defender of the pass of Thermopylae, and costume designer for the upcoming movie about the pass of Thermopylae." JB stammers "NO WAY" which is immediately met with a classic laconic response "WAY." "Why do you need to find Filene's basement " We ran out of red capes, the battle is tonight, and there's a red cape closeout sale today at Filene's. "Oh, now I get it, " murmers our still dumbstruck seeker of shelter. "Anything else I can help you with." "Well I also need an apartment large enough to handle 300 Spartans. To which JB sensing an immediate opportunity to bond with a hero from history says OK, right this way. (Can you believe this ) Anyhow here is the apartment. DIMENSIONS/ DESCRIPTION OF APARTMENT You enter the apartment which is on the second floor of a three story brick building in Coolidge Corner and to the right is the hallway. (The hallway measures 24 ft x 5 ft and is all newly sanded and refinished hardwood. Actually the floors throughout the apartment are newly refinished hardwood floors) Down the hall to the left is the living room which measures 14 ft x 16 ft with two new windows that face North. There is a nice wood mantle with mirror in the room. Through the living room you enter the kitchen which measures 12 ft x 12 ft with all new wood cabinets/ dishwasher and ceramic tile along the back wall. (There are little sailing ship accent tiles for those of you who are fans of Herman Melville-just bear with me. ) To the right is the pantry area which measures 15. 5 ft x 5.5 ft. ( You can store the things your parents have sent you to eat since living in Boston has made it impossible for you to afford your own food.) The smaller of the bathrooms is off of the kitchen. (Don't ask me why it is there it just is-I guess you can give the chicken you are about to cook a shower.) This bathroom measures 5.5 ft x 5.5 ft with all new shower /sink/ vanity. The second bathroom is off of the main hallway and measures 8.5 ft x 5.5 ft with all new vanity/ sink/ shower. The three bedrooms are to the left of the entrance. The first bedroom measures 14 ft x 12 ft with 2 big windows and a smaller window that all face west. The second bedroom measures 14 ft x 13 ft and since it is a corner room has 4 windows. (Two windows face West and two windows face North). The third bedroom measures 13 ft x 13 ft with 2 windows which face North. The ceilings are 9.5 ft high. Steps from Trader Joe's and the T. Call ASAP to see. Copyright [2004] [James V Castelli] Cat OK -


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