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APARTMENTMAN APARTMENTMAN Mt Auburn Street near JFK St. This is on the 3rd floor side of the building of Mt Auburn within sight of JFK Street/Peet's Coffee/Harvard Square. As APARTMENTMAN sits at his desk, with his telescopic vision, he notices a message left crumpled up on the floor by his feet. You may ask why he needs telescopic vision to see a note at his feet. Good question. I'll have to get back to you on that. The note is from the police department. It states that $3000. in parking tickets are owed on the APARTMENTMANMOBILE. If not paid within 30 days the APARTMENTMANMOBILE cannot be registered. You may ask, "Why does a superhero need to register his car" "Also, if his identity is a secret, how can they find him to mail him the notice " Uh, moving right along. Faced with the prospects of becoming a parking scofflaw, APARTMENTMAN leaps from his desk, hops into the APARTMENTMANMOBILE, and heads to city hall to pay his tickets. He pulls into the city hall parking lot and what does he see He sees 400 parking spaces all designated for city employees. Far to the end of the mile long lot, he sees 2 spaces for citizens. He pulls in, approaches the meter and realizes it is $.25 for 5 minutes. Also, there is a 10 minute maximum time allowed. He puts in his quarter, runs to the building and waits in line. The time ticks. Finally, he gets to the front, pays his tickets and dashes back to the APARTMENTMANMOBILE to find, you guessed it, a new ticket. It may be easier to find an apartment in Cambridge than to beat city hall. Well here's a nice place to begin. DIMENSIONS/ DESCRIPTION OF APARTMENT This third floor studio is on the front of the building and faces South toward Harvard Square You enter into a small foyer which measures 8 ft x 3 ft. with hardwood floors. (Actually there are hardwood floors throughout the apartment.) Straight ahead is the living space which measures 19 ft x 13 ft. To the right is a fireplace with white molding that surrounds the fireplace itself. To the left of the fireplace is a closet . Four large windows surround the room so there is plenty light/sunshine. The bathroom is to the left off of the foyer and measures 9 ft x 4 ft. The tub is straight ahead and short, but deep. (If you are over 5^4" you will not be able to imitate those ads where models lounge around in the tub all day with warm, glowing candlelight and soap bubbles everywhere. You will get cramps in your legs if you try!) Straight to the back off the foyer is a legitimate eat in kitchen which measures13 ft x 8 ft with gas range and new wood cabinets. Copyright 2003-2010} James V Castelli J V Castelli 617-739-0747 email: Cat OK -


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