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APARTMENTMAN APARTMENTMAN (TM) decides to get a part time job as a cashier at Star Market. Knowing that he will be intellectually challenged by the environment, our hero begins his duties at "Register 5" also known as dead clerks alley. Register 5 is the hazardous duty register at Star Market where little old ladies become raging assasins when confronted with the reality that that their 75 items filling two carts fails to meet the 9 items or less requirements of Register #5. Awaiting the onset of the geriatric set, our hero locks and loads his register. Suddenly, a tall blonde woman makes her way to the register. Smiling, she asks " can you tell me in which aisle I can find the golden apples of Asgard. "Huh," comes the rapier like reply from our ever quick witted virtuoso of the verbal riposte. "Look, my name is Iduna and I am the keeper of the Golden Apples of Asgard which bring immortality to the Nordic Gods of Asgard. "Without them Thor, Odin and the rest will certainly age and die like common mortals. Thinking that this may be a first day on the job test, APARTMENTMAN (TM) recovers his composure and wryly smiles. "Do you have your Golden Apples of Asgard coupon " "Are you toying with me mortal," comes the tart reply from the supposed gardener of the gods. "No goddess, I just thought that maybe Odin had given you some Golden Apple coupons he had cut out of the Asgard Gazette." Sensing that the blonde before him was psychologically challenged, our maestro of the masses decides that discretion is the better part of valor. I've only started working today, but The Golden Apples of Asgard may be in aisle 8." "I think you belong in fruits and nuts in aisle 8 and I'm sure you will find Asgard Golds right next to the Macintosh Reds. "I will return mortal if you are mistaken." Confronted with the prospects of a goddess without all her apples returning, APARTMENTMAN (TM) quickly decides to leap over the register and retrurn to the task for which he is known and for which you have been patiently waiting, describing apartments that are for rent. DIMENSIONS/ DESCRIPTION OF APARTMENT: You enter this studio at Coolidge Corner and feel as if you have just entered the lobby of "The Four Seasons Hotel." (Not really but that really did get your hopes up didn't it. The foyer before you measures 9 feet x 5 ft and it, like the rest of the apartment, has hardwood floors. To the right of the foyer is the closet measuring 5 ft x 3 ft where you can hang your extensive Armani wardrobe. (The reason you are living in a studio apt is because you have spent all your money on your extensive Armani wardrobe !!) To the right off of the foyer is the bathroom which measures 6 ft x 4 ft with a pedestal sink and cream colored tile. ( Why I am calling this cream colored is beyond me, but it does look sort of like cream so if/when you see it feel free to call it whatever color suits your fancy. ) Straight ahead is the living room which measures 16 ft x 10 ft with two floor to ceiling windows that face west. To the right of the living room is the kitchen which measures 12.5. ft x 5.5 ft and features wood cabinets. Superintendant on site. Laundry in the basement Call ASAP to see. Cat OK -


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