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APARTMENTMAN As "JOHNNY BORING (TM)" the alter ego of APARTMENTMAN (TM) sits at his dead end desk job, he wonders if the new suit he bought on sale at Marshalls would be considered a "power suit" so important to the advancement of careers these days. His boss, Molly Misanthrope happens by as his need for sartorial confirmation peaks. "What do you think of my new suit Molly," Johnny stupidly asks. Slowly her eyebrow raises, and her lip curls, "Well the black and white zebra stripe shirt is certainly a statement. However, she continues, what I think really sets you apart is the bright orange jacket and pants highlighted by the matching shoes. "You like it then, he crows" Absolutely!! His taste in clothes confirmed, APARTMENTMAN (TM) returns to the description of the apartment that you have patiently been waiting for. Here it is. DIMENSIONS/ DESCRIPTION OF APARTMENT You enter this apartment and see to your right the kitchen which measures 11 ft x 8 ft with all new wood cabinets and electric range. (Sorry gas ranges have become passe' to the new breed of hip computer cooks.) You go from the kitchen into the living room through the french doors (What makes them french doors is beyond me but it sure sounds good). The living room measures 17 ft x 12 ft with 10 foot ceilings and hardwood floors. Two floor to ceiling windows at the end of the room face north. (Actually they face the building across the street but it still is north) Backing up and going to the right you will see the bedroom which measures 12 ft x 9 ft with 10 ft ceilings and again two windows at the end of the room, There are two closets. (One in the bedroom and one in the hallway.) Copyright 2003-2010} James V Castelli J V Castelli 617-739-0747 email: Cat OK -


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