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APARTMENTMAN APARTMENTMAN Rescues Chihuahuas And Finds Your Home!! While flying over the clouds surrounding Boston, Apartmentman overhears a distress alert over the police frequency. (Since he has super hearing he is able to listen to 911 transmissions.)He hears a wom__n' s voice pleading that her babies are trapped in her car with the windows closed and she can't get in. In a flash, our hero rockets off in the direction of the signal. With his telescopic vision, Apartmentman sees in the distance a Volvo station wagon surrounded by a growing crowd. Emergency vehicles arrive from MIT, Harvard, and the Cambridge Police Dept. to lend assistance. A discussion ensues and all are stumped as the wom__n screams, "my babies, my babies." and faints. Realizing he can wait no longer, Apartmentman descends into the crowd at supersonic speed. Before him is the collective brain trust of MIT, Harvard and the Cambridge Police Department. They are on their knees aiming a device at the car pressing buttons madly. Knowing he cannot waste another moment, Apartmentman rapidly weaves through the crowd and approaches the huddling intelligentsia. As he approaches, they continue to point the device at the vehicle, pressing buttons and begin to argue about the best way to disassemble the "antiterrorist vehicular security device." Peering into the car, Apartmentman sees three rear facing child car seats. Pressing his face up to the glass he recoils in disbelief. There before him securely strapped into the child car seats, are two sleeping dachshunds and one snoring chihuahua. As he turns, the unconscious wom__n awakens and runs toward him begging him to save her babies. Realizing that he is confronting the combined consequence of pronounced academic myopia coupled with acute techno-dependency syndrome, Apartmentman lunges at the Cambridge brainiacs. Seizing the vehicular security device from their hands, he discovers what he is seeking. Confidently approaching the vehicle he slips an elongated piece of metal into a waiting recepticle, turns it and viola the door magically opens. As the crowd lets out a collective gasp, he approaches the assembled intellectual Cambridge SWAT team and hands them the device which has provided him access to the entrapped canines. "This is called a key." Knowing that he must rush to his next appointment, Apartmentman rockets away to locate the domicile of your dreams. Here is what he finds: DIMENSIONS/ DESCRIPTION OF APARTMENT Well here's a nice place to begin. This third floor studio is on the front of the building with a porch off of the back of the apt. There are hardwood floors throughout the apartment. ) Straight ahead is the living space which measures 19 ft x 13 ft. . Four large windows surround the room so there is plenty light/sunshine. The bathroom is to the left off of the foyer and measures 9 ft x 4 ft. The tub is straight ahead and short, but deep. (If you are over 5'4" you will not be able to imitate those ads where models lounge around in the tub all day with warm, glowing candlelight and soap bubbles everywhere. You will get cramps in your legs if you try!) Copyright 2003-2010} James V Castelli J V Castelli 617-739-0747 email: Basement Coin Laundry - Cat OK -


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