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Price: $1,550

APARTMENTMAN: Sitting at a meeting for the marketing/ real estate company that pays his salary, newly hired Johnny Boring (alter-ego of Apartmentman) listens intently as his bosses tell of the next marketing campaign. His boss begins: "We have just been hired to sell (50 ) multi million dollar homes in the Boston and San Francisco area over the next 12 months. Here are a few of the less expensive prospects in the San Francisco area. Two bedroom ground floor fixer upper condo with views of the alley. Hot and cold running water included. Space for a kitchen off of the bedrooms if you feel the need for a kitchen. Shared bathroom with your neighbors who are a fine couple working the night shift at Starbucks to pay off student loans. " Raising his hand Johnny Boring receives the glare of his boss who simply feels that new hires should just listen. And yet, he leaves his hand raised to the amazement of his peers. Finally realizing that his petulant glare will not deter the likes of Johnny Boring his boss audibly sighs and nods toward his relentless neophyte employee. You have a question Standing nervously, Johnny B blurts out " Do you really believe that people are really going to spend a million dollars on a ground floor condo with a view of the alley without a kitchen, and a shared bathroom As he stands at the end of the unemployment line Johnny Boring reflects upon his choice of question as a learning process.... See photos 617-7390747


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