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Price: $950 Available: Now.

APARTMENTMAN Clint Eastwood "Make My Day" Studio" Brighton/Brookline: STUDIO apartment for heat and hot water are included and the Between Washington and Cleveland Circle lies an area that is going to be your new home. As APARTMENTMAN sits at his desk, with his telescopic vision, he notices a message left crumpled up on the floor by his feet. You may ask why he needs telescopic vision to see a note at his feet. Good question. I'll have to get back to you on that. The note is from the police department. It states that $400 .in parking tickets are owed on the APARTMENTMANMOBILE. If not paid within 30 days the APARTMENTMANMOBILE cannot be registered. You may ask, "Why does a superhero need to register his car" "Also, if his identity is a secret, how can they find him to mail him the notice " Uh, moving right along. Faced with the prospects of becoming a parking scofflaw, APARTMENTMAN leaps from his desk, hops into the APARTMENTMANMOBILE, and heads to city hall to pay his tickets. He pulls into the city hall parking lot and what does he see He sees 400 parking spaces all designated for city employees. Far to the end of the mile long lot, he sees 2 spaces for citizens. He pulls in, approaches the meter and realizes it is $.25 for 10 minutes. Also, there is a 10 minute maximum time allowed. He puts in his quarter, runs to the building and waits in line. The time ticks. Finally, he gets to the front, pays his tickets and dashes back to the APARTMENTMANMOBILE to find, you guessed it, a new ticket. It may be easier to find an apartment than to beat city hall. Well here's a nice place to begin. DIMENSIONS /DESCRIPTION OF APARTMENT You enter this sun drenched apartment, (I always wanted to call an apartment sun drenched so since the opportunity arose I took it). Anyhow, this is a 4th floor apartment that does actually get a lot of sun. You enter into the foyer which measures 6 ft x 7 ft. (If you want to just call it the entranceway that's fine with me.) The foyer, as well as the entire apartment, has newly refinished hardwood floors. There is a walk in closet to your left as you enter that measues 9 ft x 3.5 ft. This should be plenty of closet space for anyone living in a studio. (If it's not you may have a clothes accumulation problem and should begin immediate counseling) To the left of the foyer is the kitchen which measures 10 ft x 6 ft with 1 window and a gas range. There is also a breakfast counter in the kitchen under which you can put those 4 legged wooden stools that everyone buys even though they are too uncomfortable to really sit on. The countertops are Clint Eastwood grey. (This is something I just made up. What is Clint Eastwood grey Well, you know that steely look Clint gives the bad guy right before he shoots him. Well it's a steely look. Steel is grey. Therefore I am calling these counters Clint Eastwood grey. It makes as much sense as some of those nutty colors you see in those decorating magazines. Ya know what I mean. Colors like morning mist. What the heck is morning mist and how is it a color ) Anyhow, on to the bathroom which measures 7 feet x 5 feet with one window. You really don't want more than 1 window in the bathroom. Finally we reach the living room/sleeping area which measures 13 feet x 13 feet with two windoows and 9 foot ceilings. New replacement windows throughout the apartment. Laundry in the basement and steps from the T. Call ASAP to see. Cats OK. Copyright [2004] [James V Castelli] Cat OK -


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