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APARTMENTMAN . Flying overhead APARTMENTMAN (TM) sees below him a three ton Ford Expedition SUV rocketing along at 95 mph. On the back bumper, a sticker boldly and proudly announcing, "Save the Whales. " On the front bumber, "Save the Environment" Intrigued, our seeker of residential solitude decides to investigate the seeming contradiction. Using his x ray vision and his super hearing A-Man, (Short for APARTMENTMAN) peers inside the cab of the careening battle wagon."Honey, would you pass me the frozen non-fat chai." "OK mom." "Now, how much further to the rally against off shore drilling" "About 150 miles down the coast." "Do you think we will need to get gas honey " "We only get 50 miles to the tank mom. " "Oh" "Do you think we can make it to the anti war ralley after the off shore oil ralley " "Mom, that's another 200 miles down the coast." "Oh." "Well, maybe we can detour and swing by the Save the Rain Forest march on the way to the anti war ralley." "Mom which war are we protesting this week. " "I don't know don't you have the pamhlet ." "No !" "Well it doesn't really matter there're all the same." "Jane Fonda is speaking at the ralley against off shore drilling." "Doesn't she have an estate in Santa Barbara " It was where she found the solitude to discover her inner self." Didn't she make an aerobics video " "She was expressing herself. "Didn't she say she was a socialist " Honey will you please turn on the real estate channel on the radio." "The what " The channel that tells you about the apartments that are available around the world." "You're kidding " Nope just listen cuz here is the apartmen t of the week. DESCRIPTION/ DIMENSIONS OF APARTMENT: See photos Copyright: {2010} James V Castelli JV Castelli 617-739-0747 email: Cat OK -


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