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APARTMENTMAN Thinking he has the day off "APARTMENT MAN" (TM) decides to perambulate through tthe wooded enclaves surrounding Boston. As he rounds the wooded corner, the earth opens and up pops a man in a chariot. Thinking that this is somewhat unusual (even for Cambridge), APARTMENTMAN (TM) asks the obvious question, "Who are you" "I am Pluto King of the netherworld in search of Persephone my queen. She left Hades yesterday to find an apartment where she could come in the spring. Have you seen her " Not knowing what the queen of the netherworld looks like, or, for that matter, not knowing if the netherworld is south of Quincy, APARTMENTMAN (TM) slowly answers. "Nope haven' t seen her. I do have some apartments if you would like to see them. (Now I realize that it makes no sense that Pluto, King of the netherworld would want an apartment in Boston/Brookline but I couldn't figure out a graceful exit.) " With that, Pluto and APARTMENT begin to look for Persephone and apartments together. Here is what they found. (If you happen to see Persephone call. ) DIMENSIONS/ DESCRIPTION OF APARTMENT First floor rear of a building on Beacon Street at Washington Square near Star Market. This is a huge totally renovated apartment. You enter into the apartment and to the right is the first bedroom which measures 12 ft x 10.5 ft and has 1 window and closet. To the left is another bedroom or just use it as a guestroom. This room has no window but measures 8.5 ft x 8 ft and has a closet. Proceeding down the hallway you come to the bathroom which measures 11 ft x 5 ft and is all newly tiled with new vanity. Another room which can be used as a bedroom or just a playroom is across from the bathroom and measures10.5 ft x 11. 5 ft. with 1 window and closet. The kitchen measures 10 ft x 7 ft with gas range and 1 window. The living room is next to the kitchen and has wood floors and measures 13.5 ft x 9. 5 ft with 1 window. There is a porch off of the back which measures 14 ft x 6 ft. and has 3 windows and a closet. There is another room which can be the projection room to show all the first run movies. This room measures 13.5 ft x 12 ft Steps to the T Copyright (2010) (James V Castelli) Cat OK -


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