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APARTMENTMAN (TM) picks up the("A") phone. ( In case you aren't familiar with super hero communication techniques that's APARTMENTMAN PHONE). He decides to call AT & T to see if he can get a better rate on the phone. (With all the phone companies now competing for superhero business APARTMENTMAN (TM) has just heard that Batman received 5,000,000 free minutes from 11:00 pm till 4:30 am every day on the Batphone) He dials the number, hears the ringing and then comes the recorded message. "You naive, innocent ,consumer !! We are going to make you push a series of numbers that will lead you nowhere. You will never get to speak to any human being, and then, after you have pushed 46 numbers following the voice prompts, we will disconnect you. You will become so frustrated that you will give up and continue to pay the phone bills we send you because you really have no choice. And, if that is not bad enough, we will end this message by telling you that your call is important to us". Flummoxed, APARTMENTMAN (TM) decides that honesty like this from Corporate America is refreshing and unprecedented. (Or maybe they just mistakenly put out a tape from a corporate meeting on the answering machine-much more likely) Maybe honesty is a new marketing strategy. As he ponders his decision, a call comes in on the other line from an apartment hunter seeking a place in Brookline. Looking for an inexpensive studio in Brookline, here it is. DIMENSIONS/ DESCRIPTION OF APARTMENT You enter into the living room which measures 19 ft x 12 ft with 10 foot ceilings. Three windows face out onto Beacon Street. Steps from the T-C line and Star Market at Washington Square. Call ASAP to see. Copyright 2003-2010} James V Castelli J V Castelli 617-739-0747 email: Cat OK -


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