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APARTMENTMAN. As "APARTMENT (TM) MAN" sits and views the ashes of a civilization destroyed through the carnage of rent wars he sees in the distance a ray of hope for the future. Can it be An apartment in Brookline for under $2000./mo. Are there any real estate developers in sight to inform this landlord that anything under $2000./ mo. will bring down the prices for all. Hmm! APARTMENT MAN (TM) slowly raises himself up, focuses his x ray eyes on the edifice in the distance and beholds a haven for the tired and the weary of the apartment wars. (If you're wondering, I got tired of writing scripts for adult videos so figured this would not be so stultifying) On to more relevant matters. DIMENSIONS/ DESCRIPTION OF APARTMENT Yes this is a nice studio on the third floor South side of the building that gets good sunlight. You enter into the foyer which measures 13 ft x 3 ft. ( You can also call it a long hallway but I like foyer!) To the right is the bathroom with old fashioned pedestal sink. (Pretend you are Hemingway washing your hands in a sink in Pomplona and preparing to write "The Sun Also Rises. Or more likely a starving student trying to figure out how to make enough money to go eat and see a new movie at the same time.) Straight ahead is the living room which measures 13 ft x 12 ft with 2 windows facing south. (The windows measure 7 ft x 6 ft) The living room opens into the kitchen. The kitchen, which measures 7 ft x 9 ft, features a with new wood cabinet/ electric range and a small kitchen closet to store all of the imported spices and herbs you are going to buy but never use from Trader Joe's. Ceilings are 9 feet high. (So you can play Spiderman and climb the walls) Two closets in the hallway that measure 6 ft x 3 ft, T-(C line out the front door/ D linea short distance away. Copyright 2003-2010} James V Castelli J V Castelli 617-739-0747 email: Cat OK -


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