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APARTMENTMAN As APARTMENT MAN (TM) sits at his desk he hears something from deep inside the computer at his feet. At first a whirring, then a clinking, then the dreaded sound of COMPUTER CRASHING MAN echoes from deep inside his MAC. (yes there are some people who use MACS) The battle is joined! HARD DRIVE MAN / RAM MAN / GIGABYTE MAN / ZIP DRIVE MAN / even the most dreaded of all villain's MOTHER BOARD MAN have conspired to defeat our champion. Can they win, can they defeat our hero in his quest to master the intricacies of the computer world Will he be vanquished in his quest to present to all the apartment hunters in the world a list of available apartments (Of course not or you wouldn't be reading this.) Fear not since ZIP DRIVE BACK UP MAN has risen to defeat the evil forces of COMPUTER CRASHING MAN. Yes this is my long winded way of saying that my computer crashed and it took 7 days to get it straightened out. So now that you have endured all of this here is the apartment description you have been waiting for. DIMENSIONS/ DESCRIPTION OF APARTMENT You enter into the living room /common area which measures 23 ft x 9 ft. The 3 bedrooms are all off of the living room and beginning from left to right they measure 1) 14 ft x 8 ft, 2) 11 ft x 12 ft, 3) 12 ft x 10 ft. They all have 2 windows in each. The bathroom is newly tiled and renovated and is off of the common area to the right. The kitchen measures 16 ft x 8 ft and is a legitimate eat-in kitchen where you can put a table by the windows at the end of the kitchen Laundry at the foot of the stairs. Steps to the T Call or email to see ASAP. Copyright (2004) (James V Castelli) JV Castelli 617-739-0747 email: Cat OK -


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