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APARTMENTMAN/ NEED AN APARTMENT FIT FOR A GODDDESS APARTMENTMAN (TM) / Awaiting a call from the next apartment seeker, the door to APARTMENTMAN' S (TM) office suddenly flys open. Before him are three women, all dressed in togas with gold crowns adorning their respective brows. (No, this is not you on videotape from your last drunken party.) "We are Athena, Aprodite, and Hera and we seek Paris, prince of Troy. "Who " "Paris, son of Priam, abductor of Helen, and idiot that causes the destruction of Troy. " "Oh, he's off today maybe I can help you " "And who are you mortal " I am APARTMENTMAN, son of APARTMENTFATHER and APARTMENTMOTHER, resident of Chelsea, and guy who answers the phone here. " "Do you need help finding an apartment " "No foolish mortal we seek a judge to determine who among the three of us is the greatest goddess on Olympus." "Oh, I get it kind of like a beauty contest for immortals. " "Well I tell ya, I'd love to help you with this greatest goddess stuff, but I am into helping people find apartments not judging goddesses." "If we rent an apartment, will you fill in for Paris " " We are kind of in a hurry " "Maybe, whatcha lookin for " "Doesn't matter mortal." "One, two, three, bedroom " "Doesn't matter." "Wait, I bet it has to be fit for a goddess " Well that would be nice. "OK, let's take a look at a place and when we get back we can talk about this greatest goddess contest." "Fine mortal." Here we go." DESCRIPTION/ DIMENSIONS OF APT See photos........You enter this third floor apartment and are struck by jeau de vivre of the designer. ( I took french in high school and sort of remember these words. I failed french so that may also explain the spelling and choice of words. Copyright: {2007-2010} James V Casteli James V Castelli 617-739-0747 email: Cat OK -


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