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APARTMENTMAN APARTMENTMAN (TM) receives a call from the "Fantastic Four" that a two bedroom is needed for the "Human Torch" (AKA Johnny Storm) and the "Thing" (AKA Ben Grimm). If you have never read Marvel Comics you can skip over my momentary flights of fantasy. The final paragraph will give the dimensions and particulars of the apt. If you want to take flight with APARTMENTMAN (TM) welcome along. Leaping from his desk where he works slaving in a meaningless dead end job with no creative outlet in sight Johnny Boring recites the words that magically transform him into APARTMENTMAN. (TM) "Hidey Ho, Hidey Heh, APARTMENTMAN (TM) is here to stay." (All of you poetry critics/majors out there please just ignore the foregoing.) "Poof" the mild mannered JOHNNY BORING (TM) is transformed into APARTMENTMAN (TM) where his X-ray/telescopic vision allow him to see the perfect 2 bedroom apartment for the HUMAN TORCH and the THING . Thanks for bearing with me. . DIMENSIONS/ DESCRIPTION OF APARTMENT The room measures 19 ft x 15 ft . The kitchen has electric range and dishwasher. You turn around from the kitchen/living room and walk to the rear of the apartment and top the right is the first bedroom which measures 11 ft x 10 ft with one window in it. Continuing on you come to the rear bedroom which measures 16. 5 ft x 13 ft with two windows . Copyright (2004) (James V Castelli) JV Castelli 617-739-0747 email: Cat OK -


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