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.APARTMENTMAN(TM) has decided to leave the stressful caverns of Corporate America (otherwise known as premature heart attack central) to return to the hallowed halls of academia. No longer forced to eke out a stress filled living editing ineffectual monthly weight loss articles. APARTMENTMAN (TM) has achieved the ultimate academic plum. Besides using his superpowers ( X-Ray vision and the like) to help locate apartments for the weary of the world, APARTMENTMAN (TM) has now simultaneously acquired a fully tenured position at PC University studying the sociological implictions of contemporay mainstream popular literature and the determination of the values reflected thereby. (Known in non-academic circles as reading magazines and trying to figure out what people are thinking about.) This month's analysis focuses on an article in " Men's Health" entitled, "31 reasons I'm Still Fat, What's your excuse " Reason # 1- I am virtually powerless in the presence of those sadistic hippie bastards, Ben and Jerry. # 12- God made gravy for a reason. I am that reason. So what are we obsessed about Oh ya the apartment. DIMENSIONS/ DESCRIPTION OF APARTMENT Steps from Star Market at Washington Square. You enter into the foyer which measures 12 ft x 12 ft with shining hardwood floors and wood molding surrounding the fireplace. (Sorry the fireplace doesn't work any longer but you can sit in front of it and pretend) The living room meaures 20 ft x 13 ft and has three windows that look out onto Washington Square. (The floors here, as well as througout the apartment are hardwood and have all been recently refinished) To the right of the living room is 1 bedroom which measures 14 ft x 12 ft with a large closet and a window that also looks out onto Washington Square. To the left of the living room is the second bedroom which measures 17 ft x 12 ft with a large closet and a window looking out onto Washington Sq. The kitchen measures 12 ft x 13 ft with a large separate storage pantry for your food. Copyright (2004) (James V Castelli) JV Castelli 617-739-0747 email: Cat OK -


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