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APARTMENTMAN . In the continuing saga of "APARTMENT MAN" (TM) A call comes in from Dr. Don Blake (the alter ego of "Thor" for all you Marvel Comic readers). The "Avengers" are looking for apartments in Boston is the frantic plea of Dr. Blake. (Now for all of you who are wondering why we are talking about Marvel Comics / The Avengers / Thor etc. it is because I loved comic books as a kid and I refuse to grow up. I am sure that some Freudian psychologist will have a field day with this but so be it. So bear with my flights of fantasy for just a moment. Dr. Blake/ "Thor" says that he needs to find homes for all of the "Avengers". (The Avengers were a team of Super Heroes-Iron Man / Giant Man/ Thor etc.) So with all this aside here is the information about the apt. DIMENSIONS/ DESCRIPTION OF APARTMENT STUDIO/WITH SEPARATE SLEEPING ALCOVE: in a completely renovated building. Hallways and common areas are recently and beautifully painted a pale yellow with white mouldings and trim. New electrical throughout. The apartment is on a quiet side street off of Beacon Street near Washington Square. You enter the apartment into a small foyer where you can put a small table with or umbrella stand. The bathroom is straight ahead and to the right and has been recently renovated (new tile and paint throughout). The kitchen is straight ahead. Totally renovated with new cabinets and counter/sink, gas range and full size refrigerator. The living room has three new vinyl bay windows and the floor is an antique tongue and groove hardwood floor that has been recently sanded and refinished so that it shines like new. The alcove is to the right of the living room and can be set off from the living room with curtains or screen. When the curtains are drawn it is like having a separate room. Laundry in the basement and steps from the (C-Line) or a few more steps to the D line. Copyright (2002-2010) (James V Castelli) JV Castelli 617-739-0747 email: Cat OK -


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