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APARTMENTMAN . As APARTMENTMAN (TM) sits wondering why his new superhero computer software CD has not arrived 6 weeks from when he ordered it from an on line vendor he decides to call. He dials the 1-800 number, and follows the directions to push 2 for customer service. A voice comes on the phone. "Your call is important to us, please stay on the line and your call will be answered in 45 minutes." Suddenly, the voice is gone and APARTMENTMAN (TM) is in that timeless void of customer service land with John Tesh music playing in the background. Knowing people have disappeared in this forgotten land never to beheard from again APARTMENTMAN (TM) hangs up and dials 1-800 again. This time however he ignores the directions to push 2 for customer service and pushes 1 for sales. Magically within 45 seconds a real human voice answers . After a brief debate about pushing the wrong number and after declining repeated offers to be transferred to customer service APARTMENTMAN (TM) moves 1 step closer to recovering the CD he ordered and paid for 6 weeks ago. And you are now on tier verge of hearing about the apartment you are seeking. DIMENSIONS/ DESCRIPTION OF APARTMENT: As you enter this first floor apartment you see the hallway before you. The hallway/foyer measures 13 ft x 6 ft and has hardwood floors. (The entire apartment, except for the bathroom, has hardwood floors ) To the left of the hallway is the first of 3 large closets for all you shopping maniacs. This closet measures 3 ft wide by 2 ft deep. Straight ahead is the kitchen which measures 12 ft x 5 ft with electric range/ plenty of counter space/ and a window that lets the sun shine in as you microwave your popcorn. Right before you enter the kitchen is the second closet which measures 5 ft x 3 ft. To the right of tier hallway is the living room which measures 20 ft x 10 ft with 11 foot ceilings and two floor to ceiling windows at the end of the room. The third closet is in the living room and measures 4 ft x 3.5 ft Laundry in the building. Copyright (2002-2010) (James V Castelli) JV Castelli 617-739-0747 email: Cat OK -


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