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APARTMENTMAN - As "APARTMENT MAN" sits at his desk he scans the horizon with his x ray vision. In the distance amidst / amongst (which do you like better ) the rubble of the chaos that is humanity he sees the outline of a three bedroom apartment which used to be the home of the Fantastic Four. (If you want to know how the Fantastic Four could fit in a three bedroom apt it is because Reed Richard (Mr. Fantastic) and Sue Storm (Invisible Girl) were married so they shared a room. OK! As APARTMENT MAN looks inside the apt from his desk (which he can do because he has x-ray vision which makes apt hunting much easier) what does he see. He sees the inside of the apt obviously! Oh ya, here is what he sees. DIMENSIONS/ DESCRIPTION OF APARTMENT: This is a totally renovated apartment. The living room measures 20 ft x 14 ft with newly refinished hardwood floors and nicely refinished wood molding that frame the walls. There is a fireplace on the south wall and the west end of the room is lined with 3 windows that let the afternoon sun bathe the apartment in a warm glow. ( I can't believe that I just wrote this sentance-please forgive me!!) The formal dining room is off of the living room and measures 13.5.ft x 13.5 ft with 3 windows along the south wall. The kitchen measures 10 ft x 13 ft and has a new gas range and new dishwasher. There is an enclosed porch off of the back where you can sit and while away the hours wondering if the economy is going to rebound. The first bedroom measure 12 ft x 12 ft with 4 windows facing West. The second bedroom measures 12 ft x 13 ft with 2 windows and faces North. The third bedroom measures 14 ft x 13 ft with 3 windows and also faces North. There is laundry in the basement Copyright (2002-2010) (James V Castelli) JV Castelli 617-739-0747 email: Cat OK -


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