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APARTMENTMAN As APARTMENT MAN sits at the desk of his day job (reviewing cooking recipes submitted for publication to MS Magazine-a rarity!) the batphone rings. Whoops wrong comic! The call is from Aragorn. He, Gandolf, and Frodo will be in town and need a three bedroom apartment. If you don't like the Lord of The Rings sorry about that but just bear with me. Here is the apartment. DESCRIPTION/ DOMENSIONS OF APARTMENT: You enter into the apartment and to the right is the first bedroom which measures 12 ft x 10.5 ft and has 1 window and closet. To the left is another bedroom or just use it as a guestroom. This room has no window but measures 8.5 ft x 8 ft and has a closet. Proceeding down the hallway you come to the bathroom which measures 11 ft x 5 ft and is all newly tiled with new vanity. Another room which can be used as a bedroom or just a playroom is across from the bathroom and measures10.5 ft x 11. 5 ft. with 1 window and closet. The kitchen measures 10 ft x 7 ft with gas range and 1 window. The living room is next to the kitchen and has wood floors and measures 13.5 ft x 9. 5 ft with 1 window. There is a porch off of the back which measures 14 ft x 6 ft. and has 3 windows and a closet. There is another room which can be the projection room to show all the first run movies. This room measures 13.5 ft x 12 ft Steps to the T . Laundry in the basement. Call ASAP to see. JV Castelli (617) 975-2814 Cat OK -


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