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APARTMENTMAN Sitting at his desk the ("A") phone rings. (That's APARTMENTMAN's (TM) phone in case you aren't familiar with super hero communication techniques) "Hello" comes a frail voice over the phone. "This is Aunt May and I am looking for an apartment for my nephew, Peter Parker." He's a very frail and quiet boy, so I want him in a place without a lot of noise or stress.Stunned, APARTMENTMAN (TM) realizes that he is talking to the aunt of "Spiderman". (Aunt May is a nice, unconscious, older woman who has no idea that her dorky nephew is none other than Spiderman) APARTMENTMAN (TM) wonders where can he place a guy who swings out of windows on a web at all hours of the night. DIMENSIONS/DESCRIPTION OF APT You enter into the hallway (you can call it a foyer if you want to impress your friends) which measures 10.5 ft x 8.5 ft. To the right is a large closet and straight ahead is the kitchen which measures 13. 5 ft x 6 ft with new wood cabinets and electric range. (You say you want a gas range but who are you kidding since you know you never cook anyway- pop your frozen meals into the microwave) To the right off of the hallway is the bathroom. To the left of the hallway is the living area which measures 10. 5 ft x 18. 5 ft with two windows at the end which face west so you can get a tan as you ponder life. The alcove is off of the living room and measures 8.5 ft x 10. 5 ft. The ceilings are 9.5 ft high.Hardwood floors throughout. Copyright (2002-2010) (James V Castelli) JV Castelli 617-739-0747 email: Cat OK -


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