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Price: $900 Available: Now.

APARTMENT MAN sits at the desk of his part time job writing for the humor section of Ms. Magazine (a real laugh a minute magazine) the phone rings and a voice begins: In the land of Mordor where the Shadows lie. One apartment to rule them all, One apartment to find them One Apartment to find them all and one contract to bind them. In the land of Mordor where the apartments lie. Is that you Frodo "No" comes the booming voice over the phone "it is I Aragorn son of the Lord of Gondor. I need a place to live and I heard about your apartment from Legolas son of the Elven king of Mirkwood." Son of who I take it you never liked "The Lord of The Rings." Oh never mind let me tell you about the apartment. DIMENSIONS/ DESCRIPTION OF APARTMENT Third Floor of a brick building The apartment faces due west so you actually get sun most of the day. The foyer measures 10 ft x 6 ft with hardwood floors. (actually there are hardwood floors throughout the apartment) To the left and right of the foyer are 2 closets that measure 4 feet deep by 4 ft wide. The ceiling in the closet is 9 ft high. Straight ahead is the living room which measures 16 ft x 11 ft with two large windows. (Hardwood floors throughout). The kitchen is to the right and measures 13 ft x 6 ft. New wood cabinets and full sized electric range. The bathroom measures 7 ft x 5 ft with a pedestal sink. T-(C line out the front door/ D line short distance away. Cat OK -


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