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APARTMENTMAN .As APARTMENTMAN (TM) sits at his desk he wonders how his life might have been different if he had just taken that summer job. "Martha" had told him that that the opportunities were endless. Couldn't he see himself selling her new line of "designer burkas" to the women of Afghanistan. He could still hear the enthusiasm in her voice as she described the end of drab, brown burkas and a new, fashion conscious, Afghan woman sporting her line of "Martha Stewart Country Living Burkas." "Imagine, she cooed, the women will be working in their gardens raising organic produce while bedecked in her entire line of pastels." Maybe, he thought, he should have been more receptive to the idea of a burka party shot on site at the house in New York Somehow, however, he just couldn't muster the enthusiasm. Yet, it isn't any problem to muster the enthusiasm for this apt in Coolidge Corner that you have been waiting to hear about, DIMENSIONS/ DESCRIPTION OF APARTMENT Here it is! You enter into the hallway (you can call it a foyer if you want to impress your friends) which measures 10.5 ft x 8.5 ft. To the right is a large closet and straight ahead is the kitchen which measures 13. 5 ft x 6 ft with new wood cabinets and electric range. To the left of the hallway is the living room which measures 10. 5 ft x 18. 5 ft with two windows at the end which face west so you can get a tan as you ponder life. The alcove is off of the living room and measures 8.5 ft x 10. 5 ft. The ceilings are 9.5 ft high.Hardwood floors throughout. Laundry in the basement. Copyright: {2005-2010} James V Castelli JV Castelli 617-739-0747 email: Cat OK -


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