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Price: $2,100 Available: Now.

APARTMENTMAN APARTMENTMAN (Parking for 2 cars is included in the rent.) Second floor of a house in a residential neighborhood . Bored, APARTMENTMAN decides to don his cape and fly around the neighborhood. As he banks left in the skies over Watertown he sees in the distance the "Incredible Hulk" jumping back and forth over the Charles River. ( I assume all of you will recognize the Incredible Hulk from the TV series/ the movie/ or merely from reading Marvel Comics) Swooping in for a chat, APARTMENTMAN hovers over the green skinned leviathan." Heh, Hulk, whatcha doin down there " "What does it look like I'm doing", comes the disgruntled reply "Well actually it looks like you're just jumping back and forth over the river." "If you knew the answer then why did you ask, " responds the foul natured emerald hued colossus. "Actually I am looking for a three bedroom apartment for myself and a couple of super hero buddies." " The problem, is that whenever I go to see an apartment I end up demoloishing the place. I jump and land in Cambridge and crush 1 house. I jump over the river and I crush another house. Every time I go to see an apartment I end up landing on the house and levelling the place." Well maybe I can help", comes the ever helpful APARTMENTMAN." How about if I drive you to see an apartment on the Watertown/Cambridge line so you don't have to worry about landing on the place and destroying it. "That sounds good to me. When can we go to see the place How about now Here it is.. DIMENSIONS/ DESCRIPTION OF APARTMENT: See photos Copyright: {2005-2010} James V Castelli JV Castelli 617-739-0747 email: Cat OK -


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