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APARTMENTMAN In the continuing saga of "APARTMENT MAN" (TM) a call comes in over the APARTMENTMAN PHONE. (This is the equivalent of the Batphone but instead of Commisioner Gordon it is apartment hunters-you must have read Batman comics for this to make any sense to you!!) "Hi", comes the voice on the other end of the phone, "this is Britney Spears and I need a three bedroom apartment in Boston." Stunned, APARTMENTMAN (TM) pauses with the phone in his hand, "are you THE BRITNEY SPEARS". " How many Britney Spears do you know," comes the tart response. (For any of you who may care, that may be "tart" used as a noun or "tart" used an an adjective. Feel free to experiment.) I'm moving in with Martha Stewart, Bill Clinton, and Madonna. "The apartment is really large, but it's still only a three bedroom," comes the confused reply from APARTMENTMAN. " (TM) I know APARTMENTMAN (TM) blurts out "I am not sure if you can get two egos that size in the same room". "I know but Martha thought that she should work on her ordinary people skills". (Like Madonna is an ordinary person!!) "How did you decide on Bill Clinton " "Well I just know that Bill could relate well to girls like me. So, Bill was the obvious choice." Good points. Anyhow enough about me can I hear about the apartment Sure here it is. DIMENSIONS/ DESCRIPTION OF APARTMENT This three bedroom apartment is one block from Beacon Street at Coolidge Corner. It is on the back side of the building, away from the street and faces east so it gets great morning sun. The entire apartment was renovated and features newly refinished hardwood floors throughout. As you enter the apartment you come into the foyer which measures 11 ft x 10 ft with a large closet where you can store your winter coats as you escape from the cold. (Yes winter is coming) Straight ahead is the living room which measures 15 ft x 11. 5 ft with two windows that face east. (There is also the white wooden molding around the fireplace which no longer works, but heh you can't have everything) To the right is the hallway which measures 23 ft x 3 ft. (If you get bored during the winter you can organize a shuffleboard tournament for entertainment) To the right is the bathroom which is all newly tiled with wooden vanity and measures 9 ft x 4 ft. Along the hallway to the left are the three bedrooms. The first bedroom measures 9 x 13 with 2 windows and a closet that measures 6.5ft x 2ft. It is the smallest of the bedrooms so you'll have to flip for it. The second bedroom measures 12.5 ft x 13 ft with two windows and 1 closet that measures 5.5 ft x 2 ft. The third bedroom measures 14. 5 ft x 13 ft with three windows since it is a corner bedroom. There is no closet in this room but thereare two closets across from it in the hallway. (One for Martha and one for Madonna) The kitchen measures 13 ft x 9 ft with all new wood cabinets, dishwasher and large electric range. Copyright: {2003-2010} James V Castelli JV Castelli 617-739-0747 email: Cat OK -


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