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APARTMENTMAN Tired of sweeping up coffee grounds at Starbucks for a living, Johnny Boring (the alter ego of APARTMENTMAN) decides that he will run for president of the United States. (Granted this may be something of a career leap, but heh at least the cash register at Starbucks balances at the end of the day.) Sensing that something bold is needed to separate him from the other candidates, Johnny Boring (JB) paces the floor reflecting upon his campaign themes. How will he balance the budget How will social security be able to support thousands of retirees when it is almost bankrupt now How can he avoid raising taxes while providing all the services people demand How will he be able to bring peace and harmony to the middle east when they can't agree on anything How can he keep the people of America safe from attack Suddenly his reflections are interrupted by the ringing of the phone. "Hi, this is Marvelous Matthew, TV anchor extraordinaire and disinterested and impartial TV pundit and I want to invite you to participate in the upcoming presidential debate in Boise, Idaho. " Where "Don't worry we'll provide you with plane tickets. " When " "Tomorrow night " Stunned that this is happening to him, (JB) throws off his Starbucks apron and heads to the airport. Walking out the door of Starbucks, (JB) is met by a stretch limo and a horde of men in black suits with earphones. (No this is not your local jogging group.) Whisked to the airport and ushered aboard, (JB) finds himself winging his way out west. (Is this some type of fantasy or what) The hours fly by and (JB) now finds himself on the world stage in Boise, Idaho. (What is the likelihood of a presidential debate being held in Boise,Idaho -About as likely as anything else being described here so just bear with it. ) Suddenly, the air is pierced by the first question of the debate. "Mr. Boring, since little is known about you other than that you worked for 7 years as a cashier at Starbucks, why should the American people vote for you " Suddenly, the need to spontaneously outline his campaign theme (s) becomes pressing (Yes, this is something of an understatement.) As the audience slowly slides forward in anticipation, the answer slowly escapes the lips of our captain of the cappuccino machine. " I'm going to tell the truth." Stunned, Marvelous Matthew, TV anchor extraordinaire and disinterested and impartial TV pundit and company let out a collective gasp. "You're going to do what " "I'm just going to tell the truth. " Shaking his head Matthew decides to give it a try. "So did you ever smoke dope in college " "Yep, almost daily." "How did you end up flying helicopters over Northern Maine rather than going to Vietnam " "Dad knew some people in the military." "Is it true that you tried to hit on all the female cashiers at Starbucks " "Yep, but they kept calling me a dork."&nb! sp; "Are you hoping that will change if you become president " "Well, Bill's luck seemed to improve and he was a dork too." "How are you going to balance the budget in 4 years " " I can't. " How can you avoid raising taxes and keep the services the same " Can't do that either." "How will you bring peace to the middle east " No idea." "Doubt if I can unless they want it." "Can you help people find apartments in Boston " Ya that I can do. For example here's a little gem you might like. Description of Apartment DIMENSIONS/ DESCRIPTION OF APARTMENT: See photos Copyright (2007-2010} JV Castelli 617-739-0747 email: Cat OK - 1 parking Off street


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