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APARTMENTMAN/ TripToGreeceDelphicOracleFindsHomeForYou! In need of a break from the frantic pace of city life in Boston JOHNNY BORING, (TM) and his alter ego APARTMENTMAN, (TM) decide to seek solace in the sunny climes of Greece. Where to go What to see How about Delphi. That oracle of the olive growers. That navel of the Greek world. The home of the pythian games. Why not After what seems like an interminable flight, our undaunted Grecophile lands on the sunny shores of Socrates. Immediately boarding a bus from Athens, JOHNNY BORING (TM) begins the winding trip to the sanctuary of Apollo. Mile after mile through the mountains, our consort of the Corinthians relaxes as he anticipates walking the pathways of Pericles . Suddenly, in the distance it appears. As the bus rounds the corner JOHNNY BORING (TM) spies the treasury of the Athenians. The small structure standing as a testament to the heroes of Marathon. Paid for with the spoils of the Persians, it still stands stark and resolute against the olive groves of the mountains. (Are you still with me on this ) As his bus grinds to a halt, JOHNNY BORING (TM) can contain himself no longer. Leaping from the bus he climbs the steps to the throne of the oracle. It still stands !! Running by the treasury of the Athenians JB, (Short for JOHNNY BORING ), (TM) reaches the remaining columns of the oracle. While the ages have taken a toll on the marble columns, a remaining few still proudly stand. There at the end of the temple sits a wom__n muttering to herself. Laughing, shouting rocking back and forth JB cannot believe his eyes. Can this be a daughter of the seers who foretold the future of the Greeks of yore (Yore is one of those funny old words you never get to use except in Chaucer class. So I thought it might be fun to use it. Sorry!) Mesmerized, JB respectfully sits and awaits the pronouncements of the prophetess. Suddenly, as if to break the magic of the moment, the mysterious mystic slowly turns and faces our supplicant. As she turns, the fear that must have confronted the Spartans at Thermopylae descends on our vacationer. What he sees before him is not a descendent of the followers of Apollo. What he hears is not the pronouncement, warning the Athenians to find shelter from the Persians behind wooden walls. What he sees before him is a real estate agent shouting into a cell phone that she can't hear the offer because the cell phone is breaking up. Undone, (an archaic use of the word I admit), JB flees what had become a nightmare to return to the Odyssey of apartmenthunters everywhere. To find a nice and not too expensive home in Boston. How about this. DIMENSIONS/DESCRIPTION OF APARTMENT Laundry on the basement. Steps from the T. call ASAP to see. See photos Copyright {2007-2010) James V Castelli James V Castelli 617-739-0747 email: Cat OK -


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