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APARTMENTMAN As Johnny Boring (TM) (the secret identity of APARTMENTMAN (TM) sits at his desk editing the recently written 1 word treatise by Gloria Steinem entitled, "The Things I Love Most About Men", the APARTMENTMAN (TM) hotline rings. The editors of Ms Magazine are in town to attend a convention entitled "The Three Stooges and Their Role in the Advancement of Feminism". In need of a three bedroom apartment ASAP the Ms Magazine editors knew that their fate lay in the hands of that hero of the homeseekers, APARTMENTMAN (TM) whoops sorry APARTMENTPERSON (For the sake of the Ms Magazine editors.) Without further ado here is what they were told. DESCRIPTION/ DIMENSIONS OF APARTMENT. You enter the apartment into a small foyer where you can put a small table with or umbrella stand. To the left of the foyer is the bedroom/ living area. The bedroom/living area is approximately 11x 12 feet. The floor is an antique tongue and groove hardwood floor that has been recently sanded and refinished so that it shines like new. There are two newly installed windows vinyl windows that keep the apartment filled with light and free from the drafts the drive tenants crazy. The bathroom is newly tiled and renovated and the kitchen is also newly renovated with new cabinets. Copyright (2002-2010) (James V Castelli) JV Castelli 617-739-0747 Cat OK -


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