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APARTMENTMAN As "APARTMENT MAN" (TM) scans the horizon he sees a Danielle Steele novel happening right before his eyes. A wom-n with a Louis Vinyl hand bag (or is the Louis Vuitton) sashays out of Trader Joe's . (Sashay) In her purse she has what some people would call a dog. (Well it's small, hairy, barks and fits in her purse.) She has it on loan from a friend. She turns into her apartment and slowly and opens the door. She slips her Vuitton purse out of her hand and places it next to her collection of "Hermes Bags" lined up in her 45 ft closet with 400 pairs of shoes. She slowly turns and begins to take off her Armani dress that cost $45,000. and that she wore to the Cannes film festival last year. She's wearing it again because her 3000 other dresses are at the cleaners. Well, you may not have 3000 dresses and 400 pairs of shoes but you do need an apartment which is why you are reading this ad. The apartment we're talking about isn't a penthouse in Cannes but, heh, you aren't Bill Gates either. DIMENSIONS/ DESCRIPTION OF APARTMENT This is a second floor 1 bedroom apartment in the rear of the building. The living room measures 15 ft x 12 ft with hardwood floors and three windows that look out on the trees behind the building. The bedroom measures 12 ft x 10 ft with a closet in the corner. The foyer measures 10 ft x 5 ft with 2 closets. The kitchen measures 9 ft x 6 ft and is a "galley kitchen". (I always thought a galley was a Roman warship-who knew it was a kitchen! ) Laundry in the building. Steps from the T-( B line or three blocks from the C and D line) Call ASAP to see Copyright (2004-2010) (James V Castelli) JV Castelli 617-739-0747 Cat OK -


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