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APARTMENTMAN As APARTMENTMAN (TM) sits at the desk of his part time job, (answering the phone for the complaint desk at the waste treatment disposal plant-if you think your job stinks imagine the conversations you have to endure here), he realizes he can stand it no longer. He needs to take flight!! He recites the magic words that will turn him from Johnny Boring (TM) (underpaid, overqualified, under appreciated, creative genius) into APARTMENTMAN: (TM) "Fee Fi Fo Fum APARTMENTMAN here I come". Poof the mild mannered Johnny Boring is transformed into APARTMENTMAN! (TM) He leaps out the window and takes flight. As he soars along the superhighway of the sky, he sees in the distance Wonder Wom__an driving her invisible plane toward him at twice the speed of sound. (For all of you non-comic readers, in the old DC comics Wonder Wom__an used to have an invisible plane that jetted her around the world.) Suddenly the plane meanders over the double yellow line and the invisible plane is heading right toward our hero. (If you have never travelled along the superhero highway, there is an invisible yellow line in the sky that you can only see if you are a card carrying super hero.) Swerving at the last minute, APARTMENTMAN, (TM) using his X-Ray Vision coupled with his telescopic vision, sees the cause of the meandering invisible plane. Wonder Wom__an, with a cell phone cradled on her shoulder, zooms past. Whether in the sky or on the ground many things remain the same. Now, on to the apartment. DIMENSIONS/ DESCRIPTION OF APARTMENT This two bedroom apt has hardwood floors . Laundry in the basement. Copyright (2004-2010) (James V Castelli) JV Castelli 617-739-0747 Cat OK -


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