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APARTMENTMAN As APARTMENT MAN (TM) sits at the desk of his day job (reviewing cooking recipes submitted for publication to MS Magazine-a rarity ) the batphone rings. Whoops wrong comic! The call is from Aragorn. He, Gandolf, and Frodo will be in town for a Hobbit Book signing and need an apartment ASAP. (Why are the three of them thinking of a 1 bedroom apt. Well Frodo is small, Gandolf can disappear and Aragorn is always away on some type of mission.) Bear with me since typing up adds can become deadly boring !! Totally renovated apt.. DIMENSIONS/ DESCRIPTION OF APARTMENT Yes, this is a loft type apt at Coolidge Corner on the 3rd floor of a brick building. It is an open floor plan with "French Doors" that separate the rooms. Newly refinished hardwood floors throughout. The apt has a newly renovated kitchen with new wood cabinets installed as part of the renovation. The kitchen has two large windows that have a view of Longwood (the kitchen measures 13 ft x 13 ft) The living room is nice and sunny with two windows that also has a view of Longwood Medical Area and measures 13.5 ft x 13.5 ft. The bedroom is 12 ft x 10 ft. again with 2 windows that look out at Longwood. The foyer measures 13ft x 4ft. Laundry in the basement. Steps from Traders Joes /Longwood Ave. The T -C line is 1 block away. Call ASAP to see Copyright (2004-2010) (James V Castelli) JV Castelli 617-739-0747 Cat OK -


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