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Price: $1,100 Available: Now.

APARTMENTMAN APARTMENT MAN (TM) sits at his desk where he has just begun working his second job. (This is what helps him pay the rent) His job, in case anyone cares, is writing cheesy romance novels that are so intellectually challenging that you can read an entire novel while speaking on your cell phone as you drive your 3 ton environmentally aware SUV which gets 1.2 miles per gallon to your next save the environment rally at the end of which there is a raffle to see who among the SUV drivers with cell phones has managed to drive over 5 miles without almost killing some pedestrian/ other small car driver due to acute "lack of attention disorder". (This is the longest sentence I have ever written and qualifies me to enter the annual Virginia Wolfe, "To The Light House" longest sentence contest.) DIMENSIONS/ DESCRIPTION OF APARTMENT Actually this apartment is a really great deal since it is much more than a studio w/alcove. It could be viewed as a 1 bedroom which would make this the least expensive 1 bedroom in Coolidge Corner. It is one the second floor rear of the building and faces east so it gets morning sun. The foyer (next time I may try calling this a vestibule) measures 13 ft x 6 ft. To the right is the bedroom/ sleeping area which measures 10 ft x 12 ft. The bedroom opens into the living room which measures 15 ft x 12.5 ft. What divides the bedroom from the living room are two glass doors which open and close. You can call them French Doors if you like since that would be consistent with calling the entrance a foyer. The kitchen measures 10 ft x 6 ft and has all new cabinets and counters. Two closets (One huge closet and a smaller closet) The bathroom is either a "charming old world tiled bathroom" if you are in the real estate business, or just a regular old bathroom if you believe in normal English language. In any event this is a really nice apartment. Call or email to see. Copyright (2004-2010 ) (James V Castelli) JV Castelli 617-739-0747 Cat OK -


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