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1) APARTMENTMAN JOHNNY BORING (TM) get off of that roof and take off those silly red tights." "Oh mom, I am supposed to go on a mission with Captain America and Ironman at three o'clock. " "We're going to help find a home for Daredevil in Boston. " "Who" "You know Daredevil, the Person without Fear, alter ego of Matt Murdoch, and Victoria's Secret model for red leather chaps. " "Red leather what, " comes the reply from a slightly disconcerted, yet painfully devoted mom. (If you haven't seen the movie Daredevil with Ben Affleck, this probably won't make much sense. But let's just say the uniform in the movie looked more like an ad for North Beach Leather than a super hero uniform. Anyhow, back to mom.) "JOHNNY, where did you get the idea that super heroes flew around looking for apartments " "Super heroes do super things like save the world from evildoers " "Well mom, there was a job workshop at school and the teacher said that the normal super hero job market was flooded and to be able to make a living I would need to think outside the super hero box. (Work with me on this. I know that the outside the box phrase is always used by self help experts who are always so in the box it makes you sick, but I needed a transition phrase so this is it). " So, I have decided to dedicate my life, and limited intellectual resources, to the pursuit of justice and apartments for those in need of a place to live." "Are you serious JOHNNY" comes the response from his loving, yet slightly disillusioned mom " Is there something wrong with that" comes the answer from our red tighted, roof hopping hero of the home seeker. " And in case you have any doubt of the adolescent dedication of JB, here is the apartment you have been waiting to hear about as proof of the value of early career selection. DIMENSIONS/ DESCRIPTION OF APARTMENT: See photos Copyright (2004-2010) (James V Castelli) Cat OK -


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