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APARTMENTMAN Sitting at his desk and bored, APARTMENTMAN(TM) decides to travel to the future by flying faster than the speed of light. ( A technique he learned from Superman in case you read DC comics.) Jumping from his desk, he leaps out of the window, accelerates to the speed of light and pow there he is in the year 2075. What does he see below Virtual reality. With his telescopic vision, he sees 6 people sitting together at a computer cafe all talking on cell phones. Walking along the street are what appear to be humans with cell phones attached surgically to their heads and lap top computers protruding from their sternum. Flying over Greenwich, Connecticut he spies a small neighborhood with a gated entrance surrounding what appears to be 1000 women who all look like Martha Stewart. He zooms in on the sign over the gate and shudders at the words. "Martha Stewart Genetic Cloning Project For Humanity". Smiling, all 1000 of them simultaneously stir their batter in identical stainless steel bowls purchased on line from Crate and Barrell. It is too much to take. Much better to return to the past and try to find an apartment. So here we go. DIMENSIONS/ DESCRIPTION OF APARTMENT Studio with hardwood floors throughout. Ten foot ceilings and huge windows let the light in. Located in the rear of the building it is a quiet, bright apartment steps from the T (C line) and the shopping at Coolidge Corner. Laundry is located in the basement and the maintenance/superintendent lives on the premises. Heat and hot water are included [Copyright 2003-2010] JV Castelli 617-739-0747 Cat OK -


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