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APARTMENTMAN JOHNNY BORING (TM) decides to take a flight around Boston. Reciting the magic words that will transform him into that hero of the homeseekers, JOHNNY BORING (TM) recites the magical mantra. HEH HOH, HEH HO, APARTMENTMAN (TM) here we go. " (I realize that at this moment you are gagging at the lack of poetic creativity in the super hero transformation ditty but time was tight.) Shazaam, or sum such super hero transformation sound effects. ,Where JOHNNY BORING (TM) once stood, now crackles the electric super hero energy of APARTMENTMAN. (TM) (Just bear with me since even Steven Spielberg had to start somewhere) Jumping out the window our hero is soon soaring over Boston in search of the perfect apartment. Beneath him he sees a young boy hurtling to the earth in a blazing chariot. Realizing that this is not a normal sighting even in Cambridge, never mind in Boston, our hero rockets to the side of the chariot. "What's happening," asks our airborn crusader to the young lad hanging onto the chariot reins with all his might. "My name is Phaeton, son of Apollo, and I'm being dragged to my death in this crazy chariot you idiot." "Well how did this happen", asks our minion of the apartment hunting masses " Look, I'm going to die in about three minutes so let's just say my dad, Apollo, God of the Sun, asked me what I wanted for Christmas. I asked to drive his chariot across the skies. "I was so sure I could drive this damn chariot that I insisted." (How does a Greek God and his son know about Christmas is a good question. I'll get back to you on that!!) "Did your father tell you that pride goeth before a fall " "Look you fool, I now have about two minutes until I m deader than a door nail so are you going to help me or not." "Well I know that in the myth you are supposed to die in the blaze of the chairiot. " "Forget about the myth you nut get me out of this chariot." "Oh all right but you're going to have to come with me while I look as some apartments." Fine, fine, just hurry up and get me out of here." So after rescuing the son of Apollo from certain death, and changing the ending to one of the Greek myths, our hero of the homeless and his new found friend arrive at the following apartment for a tour. DIMENSIONS/ DESCRIPTION OF APARTMENT Enter into a foyer measuring (13 ft x 7 ft) The bedroom is to the left with new vinyl windows and hardwood floors. The bedroom measures (12 ft x 10 ft) The living room with Bay Windows and Levelor blinds measures 12 ft x 14 ft with beautiful hardwood floors. New kitchen. Newly tiled bathroom and all near the T JV Castelli 617-739-0747 Cat OK -


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