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APARTMENTMAN APARTMENTMAN Harvard Square -. APARTMENTMAN dozes at his computer wondering how his life had come to this. (Moonlighting in Filenes Basement refolding shirts on commission after the frenzy of a spring closeout sale. ) Suddenly the APARTMENTMAN hotline rings. He recites the magic words that will turn him from Johnnie Boring (underpaid, overqualified, under appreciated creative genius folding shirts for a living) into APARTMENTMAN: FEE, FI, FO, FUM, APARTMENTMAN HERE I COME" (Not the greatest poem I admit but easy to remember!) "Poof" the mild mannered Johnny Boring is transformed into APARTMENTMAN where his X-ray/telescopic vision allow him to see the perfect 1 bedroom apartment in Harvard Square. Here it is: (You never thought we would get here, did you). DIMENSIONS/ DESCRIPTION OF APARTMENT The apartment is on the second floor of a building at Harvard Square. You enter into the living room that measures 15 ft x 10 ft with hardwood floors. The ceilings are 9.95 high. There are 2 windows that look out onto the side of the building where you can actually see trees and hear birds chirping happily. (Kind of makes you wonder why they are so damn happy when you are working like a maniac to pay your bills) There is a nice brick fireplace in the room (It does not work but you can sit there looking at it imagining a fire as you sip your Syrah) The bedroom measures 10 ft x 12 ft with two windows that look out onto the same trees and chirping birds. There is a closet in the bedroom. (Sorry I did not measure it) The kitchen measures 7 ft x 5 ft with a gas range and new wood cabinets. The bathroom measures 4.5 ft x 6 ft with brown tile and older pedestal sink. (pedestal sink sound kind of nice does not it) The entire apartment is painted in a kind of lemony/cream off white. (I think I just made up this color but those are the words that came to me so bear with it) Call to see ASAP. Cat OK -


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