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APARTMENTMAN As "APARTMENT MAN" flies overhead he sees Spiderman running along a roof top at Harvard Square. He spots the Web Head ducking into the rear window of an apartment at Harvard Square. (Web head was a term of endearment for Spiderman at the height of the Stan Lee era of Marvel Comics for you comic aficionados) Looking into the apartment with his x-ray vision APARTMENT MAN sees the webhead change into his street clothes and proceed out the front door of the building. As APARTMENT MAN swoops down into the alley behind the building to change, (I do not know why super heroes swoop but bear with me!) he approaches Peter Parker who is waiting next to the T at Harvard Square. (Peter Parker is the alter ego of Spiderman for those of you who have never read a Spiderman comic in your lives). "I saw you walking out of that building back there and was wondering if you lived there," the now incognito "APARTMENT MAN" asks the unsuspecting Peter Parker. "Why yes I do" says Peter. Do you know if there are any apts. available in the building, since I have heard its a great hang out for Super Heroes. "HUH," says the always eloquent Peter Parker. (For those of you not following the story line Peter Parker does not know he has been seen changing from Spiderman to Peter Parker with the x ray vision of APARTMENT MAN so the "Super Hero line/reference of APARTMENT MAN does not register). "As a matter of fact," says Peter the people next door are moving out so the apt will be availabl. (Is this really a probable conversation) "Can you tell me about the apt" asks the incognito APARTMENT MAN Why yes says Peter. DIMENSIONS/ DESCRIPTION OF APARTMENT It has a 7 ft x 4 ft foyer which leads into an eat in kitchen featuring new wood cabinets, gas range and plenty of counter space. The living room which measures 16 ft x 11 ft (with 10 ft ceilings) has 2 windows which look out the side of the building. The bedroom is off of the living room and measures 14 ft x 11 ft (same 10 ft ceilings) The three windows off of the bedroom look out of the rear of the building some trees. Think of it as a quiet zone not a brick wall which allows your neighbor Spiderman to exit the building without being noticed and head to Peets nearby for a morning pick me up. If you want to live near Peter Parker/Spiderman. Call ASAP to see. Copyright 2003-2010} James V Castelli J V Castelli 617-739-0747 email: Cat OK -


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