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APARTMENTMAN /AreYouAGreekSiren ThisHomeIs ForYou! Flying over a side street in Brookline APARTMENTMAN (TM) spies below him a sight not often seen in Brookline. (There are many things not often seen in Brookline such as inexpensive apartments, but this is even more unusual than that.) What can it be you ask I am about to tell you. On the corner below are three wom-n in white togas and gold sandals waving to all the cars passing. (No this is not the Greek version of the Miss Universe contest or a videotape of your last toga party.) One by one the cars veer toward the women and crash into the cars parked along the side of the road. Sensing that something is amiss APARTMENTMAN (TM) decides to investigate. Swooping down (when you are a superhero you get to swoop) he confronts the three women. "Heh, don't wave at the cars," exhorts our meddlesome minion of the masses. "You're causing all these accidents." "Do not bother us mortal, for we are the Sirens of Homer, and we are here to use our beauty to lure sailors onto the rocks below. " Sensing a disconnect between reality and the women before him, APARTMENTMAN (TM) blurts out, "there aren't any rocks below, you're miles from the ocean. and those guys in the white outfits are doctors from Longwood not sailors." "We await the ship of Odysseus on his return from Troy and we were told he would pass this way, have we been mislead " "Look, I don't anything about Odysseus coming this way, but the cops will probably be here long before Odysseus." "So why don't the three of you come with me to look at an apartment and if you like it you can stay there, wave out the windows, and if Odysseus comes by you can invite him in for a glass of ouzo." "Very well mortal we will accept your kind invitation to accompany you to the apartment . " Here it is: Description/Dimensions of Apartment See photos JV Castelli and Associates RE (617) 739-0747 or email: Web Address: Cat OK - 2 parking Reserved


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