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APARTMENTMAN: Sitting in the office of Senator, "Buy My Vote," Johnny Boring ( The alter ego of Apartmentman) quietly awaits his interview. It has been 24 months of sending out resumes, job interviews, and pouring non fat double lattes to survive. Can he just give the right answers to this questioner His interlocutor arrives with the perfunctory dark suit, a red tie and a suitably serious look on his face. The questioner begins: " So you have a degree from "Genius U" in political science but have been working for the last 24 months making coffees "Yes I try to make the best highly sugared, extremely calorie intense, designer coffee my multi national profit driven company can intelligently market to the unsuspecting masses" " stammers the visibly frightened Johnny Boring. Standing again behind the counter of his multi national caffeine peddling long term employer, Johnny again ponders his failed job search response as he contemplates his long term stock option growth potential making coffees.. Cat OK -


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