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APARTMENTMAN: Taking to the air as APARTMENTMAN, our hero of the apartment seeking set navigates the airways in search of homes for the weary. Suddenly due to his super hearing which allows him to overhear conversations from hundreds of miles away, he listens to a weak sounding plea for a three bedroom apt coming from a trio walking along Beacon Street. As he zooms in with his super vision he observes that his three soon to be clients are wearing capes, swords and feather boas. Undaunted by the sartorial splendor of his three soon to be comrades, APARTMENTMAN makes the observation that clinches his decision to help them in their quest. The capes, the boas and the shoes of the Three Musketeers all match. He knows that these are not stylistically challenged clients and decides that they would be a welcome addition to the inventory of any apartment owning landlord lucky enough to have them... Copyright: {2010} James V Castelli JV Castelli 617-739-0747 email: Cat OK -


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