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APARTMENTMAN: Tired of the everyday working world, Johnny Boring decides one Monday morning that that he will become President of the United States. He meets with his friends at a local coffee joint. Peter pessimist, a long term negative friend, shakes his head in disbelief at the proposal. " All you've ever done for work Johnny is stuff movies into envelopes for Netflix during the summer, and swept the floor at the Google corporate headquarters in California for one month. " "How does that qualify you for being President " Johnny smugly replies, " I have their email lists. "You stole their email lists," blurts out a stunned Peter Pessimist. "I now have the email address of every human on the planet. We can raise millions of dollars promising rides on Air Force or free Netflix for one year if we win. We can deluge the world with political propaganda. We can influence the Academy Awards !" Holly Hopeful, an incurably optimistic and verbally gifted friend of Johnny sits in stunned silence. Unable to contain herself any longer she utters forth her prophetic pronouncement, "Dude you will rock in the White House." Forty eight months later, heading for Saudi Arabia on AIr Force One, Johnny smiles at Holly, ( Now Secretary of State). Peter, ( Now head of the CIA ) turns to Johnny and meekly says, " I will never doubt you or the power of Google again. " Cat OK -


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