The Legacy at Arlington Center is a joint venture between the Mirak Family and Diversified Funding, Inc.

The Mirak Family
The Mirak Family has been an established business presence in Arlington since the late 1920's. Its founder was john Mirak who, as an orphan after World War I, emigrated from Armenia to the United States. In 1932 he established The Arlington Center Garage and Service Corporation and with the involvement of sons Robert, Charles and Edward, and now members of the third generation, the businesses have expanded to include Mirak Chevrolet/Hyundai, Mirak Management Co., Mirak Leasing, and Mirak Rent-A-Car.

Real estate ventures are also included in the Mirak family's projects. Total real estate holdings include residential buildings in Boston and office property in Winthrop, Malden, Everett and Arlington.

Involved in Arlington's commercial heritage, the Miraks have also contributed to local charitable causes, including Arlington's hospital, libraries and a variety of other philanthropic efforts. The family has also been influential in saving many historical structures in the town.

With the creation of the Legacy at Arlington Center, the Mirak Family continues its commitment to the Town of Arlington begun generations before and envisions The Legacy as becoming a landmark structure enhancing and enriching Arlington center.

Mirak Management Company
The Legacy is managed by Mirak Management Company which is a private company comprised of long time employees of Mirak Properties. The Legacy is staffed with a daytime superintendent and a night time residential superintendent for emergency service. Mirak Management Company and Mirak Properties both have their offices on site and both owners and managers are available to all residents.

Diversified Funding, Inc.
Diversified Funding Incorporated of Boston, Massachusetts, is an integrated real estate company founded in 1974. The recognized leader in the industry, the company's operations are comprised of three areas of concentration: RE development, financing and management. DFI has participated in the development, financing or marketing of approximately 7,000 units of residential housing. It presently manages approximately 4,000 units of residential housing and approximately 500,000 square feet of commercial space. DFI is minority partner in The Legacy and was instrumental in the development phase of the project.

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