Pools in the Boston Area


Boston can get pretty hot during the summer months. Here is a list of public pools in the Boston area, so that you can cool off during those hot summer days !


Allied Veterans Memorial Pool
Located at: 85 Elm Street, Everett
(617) 727-1828


Brighton/Allston Pool
Located at: 380 North Beacon Street, Boston
(617) 254-2965


Cass Memorial Pool
Located at: 120 Washington Street, Roxbury
(617) 445-9519


Connell Memorial Pool
Located at: 220 Broad Street, Weymouth
(781) 335-2090


Dealtry Memorial Pool
Located at: 114 Pleasant Street, Watertown
(617) 923-0073


Dilboy Field Memorial Pool
Located at: Alewife Brook Parkway, Somerville
(617) 623-9321


Hall Memorial Pool
Located at: North Border Road, Stoneham
(781) 438-9888


Holland Memorial Pool
Located at: 108 Mountain Avenue, Malden
(781) 979-0172


Latta Brothers Memorial Pool
Located at: McGrath Highway, Somerville
(617) 666-9236


Lloyd Swimming Pool
Located at: 49 Tremont Street, Melrose
(781) 979-0172


McCrehan Memorial Pool
Located at: 325 Rindge Avenue, Cambridge
(617) 354-9381


Olsen Memorial Pool
Located at: 95 Turtle Pond Parkway, Hyde Park
(617) 364-9524


Reilly Memorial Pool
Located at: 355 Chestnut Hill Avenue, Brighton
(617) 277-7822


Veterans Memorial Pool
Located at: 719 Memorial Drive, Cambridge
(617) 354-9381

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